Bio-Enzymatic Digester

  • A multi-purpose biological digester/odor counteractant. It contains a synergistic blend of microorganisms that release enzymes to consume a variety of organic debris including urine deposits, trap & drain grease, vomit, rotting garbage, milk and blood stains, septic waste and other similar odor causing debris.

Trap & Drains

  • Effectively maintains flow through drain lines by consuming organic build-up in pipes. Excellent for grease traps. Reduces or eliminates the need to pump traps. Great for restaurants, commercial kitchens, food processing and slaughtering operations, grocery stores, and any facility where food is handled.

Carpet Stain & Odor Neutralizer

  • Breaks down and consumes urine stains and their resulting malodors. Will not harm carpeting. Use on all types of carpet where pet stains or urine odors are a problem. Well suited for use in hospitals, nursing homes, childcare centers, residential.

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Safety Data Sheet