Pre-TreatA Carpet Detergent Formulated For Pre-Spraying Soiled Traffic Lanes Prior To Extraction Or Rotary Brush Shampoo Cleaning. It Contains Non-Butyl Solvents, Biodegradable Surfactants And Builders To Assist In The Removal Of Oily Soil And Light Greases From All Types Of Carpet. Pre-Treat Is Sprayed On The Carpet 5 To 10 Minutes Before Extracting Or Shampooing To Begin Loosening Traffic Lane Soil And Spots, Resulting In Cleaner Carpets. It Is Safe On Commercial And Residential Nylon, Including Stain Resistant Nylon, Wool And Polypropylene.

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Safety Data Sheet 

  • Product #902183
    - 4 X 1 Gallon / Case