All-Purpose Peroxide Cleaner

  • A ready-to-use all purpose peroxide cleaner. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and biodegradable surfactants provides superior cleaning and deodorizing, yet is environmentally responsible. This is a spray n’ wipe cleaner for all surfaces found in homes, offices, schools, industry and/or food service.

Why X-Ray?

  • X-Ray will show you where dirt, grime and germs are hiding....just like an X-Ray. Just spray on a surface, and then watch for foam generation. Areas where you see foam being generated is where the germs are hiding and the oxygen is being released to do it’s job....clean, brighten and deodorize.

Carpet Spotting

  • X-Ray will clean most spots in carpet. Safe to use on olefin, nylon and wool carpets. The peroxide will remove brighten and deodorize spots and stains. Use on pet and beverage stains.

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Safety Data Sheet