Polished Concrete Protector/Grout Seal

  • Crete-Guard is a water and oil repellent stain protector for polished concrete and grout. Unique additives penetrate the pores of the concrete or grout and develop a non-film-forming seal that protects the surface from oils and water. Stains are unable to penetrate the surface and are more easily washed away, leaving the floor looking cleaner, longer.

Versatile & Easy to Apply

  • Crete-Guard can be mopped or sprayed on and then rinsed with water. Apply one coat for standard protection or two coats for high traffic areas. Crete-Guard is compatible with most floor cleaners, and won’t be worn away during cleaning.
  • Crete-Guard does not affect gloss or slip of floor surfaces.
  • Crete-Guard is great for use on polished concrete or grout in retail stores, hotels, schools, kitchens, restrooms, warehouses, or anywhere else protection is needed.

When to Apply

  • Crete-Guard should be initially applied when the concrete is fresh and clean, and every year thereafter. When reapplying, preparation instructions should be followed to remove any residual soils and contaminants.

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Safety Data Sheet