Bio-Enzymatic Degreaser with BioZyme

  • Enzy-Clean is a biological and enzymatic fl oor degreaser. It contains a synergistic blend of natural microorganisms that releases enzymes to consume and break down food, grease, and organic material.

Greasy Kitchen Floors are no match for Enzy-Clean

  • Better: Enzy-Clean contains BioZyme™, a unique blend of microbes and cultivated enzymes that attack and disperse greases & oils in food service environments. The microbial action helps keep drains flowing and counteracts foul odors.
  • Faster: Enzy-Clean works quickly to break down fats and oils. Enzy-Clean with BioZyme continues to break down grease and oil after the cleaning is done.
  • Safer: Enzy-Clean replaces corrosive fl oor degreasers making the product safer for workers. Regular use of Enzy-Clean can help reduce slip and falls. Enzy-Clean is non-hazardous.

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Safety Data Sheet