HD Hi-Foam

HD Hi-Foam

High Foaming Food Service Degreaser

  • Chemically structured to develop a cleaning foam that dissolves and penetrates animal or vegetable greases quickly and thoroughly. Foam holds to vertical surfaces while cleaning activity emulsifies grease and grime. Contains high alkaline builders to bite into problem soils that are common in food handling areas or metal working industries.

Use with Pressure Washers

  • Recommended application is through a pressure washer with a roll-over valve attachment or foaming gun. It also may be applied through steam cleaners. On concrete or quarry tile floors, H.D. HI-FOAM may be mopped on.

Use In:

  • Meat markets, meat departments, supermarkets, bakeries, kitchens, appliances, dumpsters, ventilators, stove hoods, poultry plants, metal fabricating plants, or factory areas.

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Safety Data Sheet