Power Suds

Power Suds

Hand Dishwashing Liquid

  • A high foaming detergent formulated for hand dishwashing. A blend of biodegradable surfactants are used to attack grease, oil and food particles yet is very mild to your hands.

Use in Kitchens

  • Use in many types of kitchens, home, retail (bars & restaurants) & industrial (bakeries, butcher shops etc). Use on all utensils, silverware, glasses, pots, pans, baking sheets, etc.

Use in 3 Basin Sinks

  • POWER SUDS is recommended for use in the fi rst sink of a three-basin sink. Rinse with fresh water in the 2nd basin and use M-C 10 SANITIZER (diluted at 1: 512) in the third basin. Allow dishes to air dry.

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Safety Data Sheet