Stampede Stripper

Stampede Stripper

Heavy Duty, Low Odor Stripper

  • STAMPEDE is an economical aggressive floor finish stripper with heavy-duty stripping action powerful enough to virtually drive finish right off the floor. It is formulated with a high performance blend of non-butyl solvents and an odorless ammonia substitute. The result is effective cutting action in a dilution that requires less product usage. When STAMPEDE is used, the only thing left is a bare floor ready to be coated.

Features & Benefits

  • Due to an effective blend of non-butyl solvents, powerful builders, wetting agents and an odorless ammonia substitute Stampede is able to penetrate and loosen multiple coats of finish for easy removal. At the same time, extended dilution ratios as high as 1:16 (8 oz/gallon) provide excellent value. Powerful, pleasant to work with and economical - STAMPEDE makes selecting the right stripper for your floor maintenance program a cinch.

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