17 Odor-Rite Tropical

17 Odor-Rite Tropical

Odor Counteractant & Neutralizer

  • Not just a coverup, Odor-Rite Tropical Fresh’s unique chemistry captures and inactivates malodor molecules.

Fresh N’ Clean Fragrance

  • After using Odor-Rite Tropical Fresh Odor Control, a long lasting fresh fragrance is left behind to leave areas smelling clean.

To control malodor sources:

  • Spray diluted product directly on odor causing source. Dumpsters • Garbage Cans • Diaper Pail • Linen Bins • Garbage Chutes • Portable Toilets
  • To freshen surfaces and leave behind a lasting clean fragrance: Add product to cleaning solutions, mop buckets, autoscrubber tanks, carpet extractors, etc. Floors • Walls • Restrooms • Smoke Damage-Restorations

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Safety Data Sheet: Concentrate or Ready To Use