18 Tri-Fecta

18 Tri-Fecta

Bio-Enzymatic Restroom Cleaner

  • A bio-enzymatic cleaner that effectively cleans and consumes with deodorizing action. The fresh mint fragrance leaves everything smelling fresh and clean.


  • A powerful restroom cleaner that can be used on virtually any surface not harmed by water. Use on all types of hard surfaces including grouted tile, ceramic, quarry, marble, slate, granite, polished concrete, vinyl, VCT, linoleum, rubber, and laminate.


  • Can be used to freshen and clean odor-causing soil on hard and soft surfaces. Apply diluted product directly on odor-causing soil to freshen surfaces. Use on surfaces that harbor malodors including carpets, draperies, furniture, soiled linens, garbage cans, dumpsters, drain traps, porous tile and grout, concrete and more.
    **Always test area prior to use**


  • Tri-Fecta is a bio-enzymatic product with microbial cleaning action. Each gallon of solution contains billions of beneficial microbes to help clean and consume waste and eliminate odor-causing soil. Use to clean foul odor-causing soil from urine, vomit, feces, sweat, food waste, smoke and animal odors.
  • Great for cleaning restroom floors and other surfaces that may harbor odor-causing soil. Use in schools, hospitals, vet clinics, restaurants, office buildings and more.

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Safety Data Sheet: Concentrate or Ready To Use