6 Blue Blazes

6 Blue Blazes

All Purpose Cleaner

  • The one cleaner for all surfaces from floor to ceiling. It can be safely used on all surfaces not harmed by water. #6 Blue Blazes is a work horse cleaner that can be used in mop buckets, automatic scrubbers, spray bottles, microfiber cleaning systems and even for laundering heavily soiled items (i.e. rags, linens, mops).

Top Scrubbing

  • Top scrubbing with 6 Blue Blazes prior to recoating helps extend the life and bright appearance of finished floors. The detergents effectively lift and suspend embedded dirt and leaves a clean, prepared surface for recoating.

Spray & Wipe Cleaning

  • Use on walls, leather and plastic upholstery, table tops, fixtures, baseboards, sealed wood, porcelain and chrome, shelving, moldings, counter tops, and much more.

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Safety Data Sheet: Concentrate or Ready To Use