950 Bowl Cleaner

950 Bowl Cleaner

Thickened Acid Bowl Cleaner

  • 950 BOWL CLEANER contains ingredients that effectively attack toilet bowl and urinal problems. 950 Bowl Cleaner contains acid to remove mineral scale, rust and uric acid deposits and detergents that provide superior cleaning power. Will not harm bacteria action of septic systems. Recommended for use in commercial and Industrial buildings, schools, manufacturing plants, public restrooms, hotels & motels etc.

Contains 9.5% Acid

  • Contains 9.5% Hydrogen Chloride (aka: Hydrochloric Acid or Muriatic Acid) making it highly effective and suitable for daily bowl cleaning.
  • Thickened so that it clings to the sides and under the rim of bowls and urinals. This ability to adhere to vertical surfaces allows for better cleaning of surfaces compared to water thin products.

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