Karcher Full Size Washer

Karcher Full Size Washer

Kärcher’s full-size classic hot water pressure washers are exceptional cleaners in addition to their rugged dependability and ease of use. A unique eco!efficiency setting allows these machines to operate in the most economical temperature range, saving operating costs while providing an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. Kärcher’s innovative and technologically superior lineup of equipment makes them indispensable wherever professional cleanliness is a must: in the agricultural, automotive, and building services industries, among others.

  • HDS 4.0/20
    • 4.0 gpm @ 2000 psi (220v 1PH)
  • HDS 3.5/30
    • 3.5 gpm @ 3000 psi (220v 1PH)
  • HDS 4.5/22
    •   4.5 gpm @ 2200 psi (220v 1PH)
  • HDS 3.5/23
    • 3.5 gpm @ 2300 psi (208v 1PH)
  • HDS 5.0/30 
    • 5.0 gpm @ 3000 psi (220v or 440v 3PH)


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